11 May 2017

The North Staffs Green Party have selected candidates for Stoke on Trent Central, Stoke South and Stoke North Constituencies in the June 8th General Election.

Stoke Central candidate Adam Colclough says “the importance of bringing good quality jobs to the City especially for our young people is paramount” and “Stoke-on-Trent led the world in the first industrial revolution and could again, but to do so we need to get the people of North Staffordshire making things again. It is vital we make decisions now, investing in new technologies, to develop new infrastructure for a 21st Century City”.

Stoke South candidate Jan Zablocki said “we may be a relatively small party but because we fund it from our own members our policies are not distorted by the narrow interests of big business or wealthy individuals and we can offer real change to improve the daily lives of most citizens. We can do better in using our imagination, vision and determination in creating a City that is attractive to investment, is fit for the 21st Century and provides sustainable and fulfilling lives into the future.”

Douglas Rouxel, the Candidate for Stoke North, emphasised, “the Greens don't accept money from dodgy donors and means we’re not in hock to backers with hidden agendas. We can be more honest and realistic about what we can do with our resources”. He added “voting Green on June 8th would be a vote for change and a new kind of politics that really does put people first”.

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