18 November 2015

From now on we'll be alternating our normal business meetings with less formal meet-ups dedicated to discussion of policy and issues. The first of these will be at 7:00pm on Tuesday 8th December at Hanley Fire Station. We'll be discussing: 

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 

Our Newcastle under Lyme councillor, Wenslie Naylon, is prepared to submit a motion to the council asking them to take a position against TTIP in their area. It is important that the views submitted are those of the party and not just a small few. Please bring any research you may have or may undertake to this meeting, whether for or against the proposed agreement.

Privatisation of Cancer Care

Cancer Care is something critical to North Staffordshire and we need a frank discussion on the moves towards putting this in the hands of the private sector. Once again information and opinion is important to decide how we as a political group respond to this.

We hope that spending time talking about the party's policies in various areas will make the meetings more engaging, and any members who'd like to suggest or lead a discussion at future chats please get in touch with myself.

As always all members and supporters are warmly invited.

Sean Adam




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