28 April 2015

Dear Friends,


It has been a long and testing road for us over the last two years to get where we are today. We stand on the brink of a significant and historic step forward for the Green Party in North Staffordshire in winning a place on Stoke-on-Trent City Council.
A victory in our “Target to Win” campaign will provide the Green Party with a voice in a large unitary authority representing a sizeable community.  It would provide a platform for the further growth of the Green Party across Stoke-on-Trent.
With eight days to go, however, I am concerned we will not be able to complete the canvassing and leafleting before Election Day.  Canvassing is proving very interesting but time consuming.  Many people are talking positively to us about our leaflets and campaigning but we need to spend time with them to be sure they understand what we stand for locally and win their support.  We have barely completed a third of what we need to do with canvassing and also have another leaflet and letter to post before Election Day.
With the number of members helping with this in Weston Coyney there is the real possibility we will not complete our activities before May 7th.  I cannot afford to be complacent and underestimate the amount of work we need to do. In these circumstances I appeal to all members and supporters to contact Matt Maddock (07891 660732) who co-ordinates our campaign efforts to offer support if at all possible.
This is the time when we need to concentrate on our “Target to Win” and if we can mobilise all our resources we can achieve the goal we have set ourselves.

Yours sincerely,
Jan Zablocki

Council candidate, Weston Coyney

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