Service is not just about meals.

26 January 2015

AS AN indicator of how badly politicians are failing us, Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s proposed ending of the Meals on Wheels service must be among the most alarming.

The same goes for Staffordshire Council’s cuts to youth and special needs services.

We elect councillors to decide, with advice from department officers, how to use the council’s resources to meet community needs.

In these cases it is all about how best to mitigate the effects of savage spending cuts from the Government.

The incredible thing is that they couldn’t get it more wrong if they tried.

To save some £80,000 they propose to cut a service that supports the most frail and vulnerable people in our communities. It is run by unpaid volunteers.

Simultaneously, they waste hundreds of thousands of pounds employing consultants to advise them about decisions they are elected and employed to make.

Anyone standing the right way up would get rid of the “consultants” that are costing a fortune and keep these services whose value is beyond measure in simple financial terms.

It isn’t just about meals, it’s about keeping an eye on people’s wellbeing, providing what might be the only social contact some have.

This is to help them maintain their independent living, avoiding the need for expensive care arrangements or even hospitalisation.

Anyone who votes to cut these services deserves to have themselves cut from local government.


North Staffs Green Party

The Sentinel, 25/1/15

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