Greens support protest against rail fare increase.

12 January 2015

Two of our members, Brian Smith and Sean Adam, joined others from the local unions, political affiliations and The People's Assembly outside Stoke on Trent Train Station on Monday 5th January to hand out information leaflets and freepost cards to the local commuters and passengers.

This was so well received that the action for the evening rush hour was cancelled due to alll the leaflets and info sheets having been given out.

People in Stoke on Trent are seriously concerned about the cost of travel to work, especially in a society where more often than not the only way to gain employment is to travel. The days where the majority of jobs were simply around the corner from home have gone. Yet we are in the situation where those who need to use our rail network the most are financing the wealthy shareholders of the rail franchises, or in some cases foreign state-owned companies.

We spoke to one young passenger who was travelling home from Manchester, where she works for a small company which has not been able to give pay rises to staff for the last three years. She is now travelling to work two hours earlier to gain a cheaper fare whilst looking for work nearer to home. This is all because of another fare rise at greater than the rate of inflation and a rail system designed for the benefit of owners, not passengers.

 You can participate in Action for Rail's campaign here

 Download Action for Rail's campaign leaflet and freepost action card.


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