Campaigns we run or support

North Staffordshire Green Party and its members are constantly involved in various campaigns around the region. Recently these have included the TUC's Britain Needs a Pay Rise campaign, local public sector strikes against austerity-based pay cuts, protests against moves to privatize NHS care, where Staffordshire is on the front line, and protests against overpriced, poorly performing rail services. In these campaigns we enjoy close ties with the People's Assembly Against Austerity.


On a more local scale we lead a campaign to have Stoke City Council rebuild and improve the facilities at Parkhall Country Park. This is an issue of great symbolic value to us as it is tied to the urgent need to increase people's awareness and engagement with the natural world. It is also well known that easy access to green space is hugely valuable to the physical and mental well-being of us all. Parkhall, though close to the city, offers resources well beyond the normal urban park, and people should be encouraged to connect with this special place.